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           At 75" and available for the left or right side of the aircraft, the Aero Design Robinson R44 cargo basket is a must for any private or commercial operator offering much needed additional cargo carrying capacity for work or personal gear. With a number of optional cut-out possibilities, items such as lidar scanners or camera mounts can also be easliy be fitted to the interior of the basket and have allowed safe and legal options to Robinson operators in various industries around the globe.

TC STC SH10-48      FAA STC SR022991NY       EASA STC 10050758


 Basket ICA     Basket Mounting Provision ICA      Basket FMS

Robinson R44 400x300


Technical Information


        Standard Basket
Cargo Capacity   175.0 lb 79.2 kg
Installation Weight   53.4 lb 24.2 kg
Length     75.3 in 191.1 cm
Width       21.0 in 53.3 cm
Depth       15.8 in 40.0 cm
Volume     13.3 cu. ft. 376.6 L
Flight Restrictions (Vne) 110 KIAS    
Cabin Step Weight N/A   N/A  



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