Straight on 850 wideWith the Aero Design Quick Release Bicycle Racks you will be able to carry 3 bikes per side, passengers and enough fuel for the day. The racks utilize the same quick release mounts as all of our 4 sizes of cargo basket and can be swapped from one to the other in less than a minute. For the bikes themselves, with no modification to the rack you can take up to a 4” wide tire and a short frame bike with a 26” tire up to the current longest frame bike with a 29” tire all with a simple cam lever as the locking mechanism.  Blackcomb Helicopters Video / Whistler Canada   Glacier Helicopters Video / Revelstoke Canada   Icebike Advetures Video / Iceland   CNN Travel Video / Tordrillo Mountain Lodge / Alaska

TC STC 16-29       FAA SR03913NY     EASA STC 10060495     Brazil CST 2017S076-02

Bicycle Rack FMS     Bicycle Rack ICA

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